Repair Panasonic DMR-EX25 / DMR-EZ25

If you own a Panasonic DMR-EX25 / DMR-EZ25 DVD Recorder which has a faulty tuner resulting in a complete or partial loss of freeview channels then it could be worth checking for a faulty capacitor as suggested below.

Capacitor C1533 on the main circuit board, below the DVD drive (a 680uf 6.3v capacitor) is known to fail. We are unsure as to the make or spec of the original but it is definately worth upgrading it to a superior Rubycon or Panasonic 680uf 10v. The Panasonic/Rubycon capacitor supplied in our kit is far superior in terms of it’s expected life at operating temperature so is definately a worthwhile investment.
The offending capacitor is shown in the image above. As you can see, the top of this particular capacitor is “domed”, a classic sign of capacitor failure.

Panasonic EX25/EZ25 Repair Kit

It is necessary to strip down most of the core components inside the DMR-EX25 / DMR-EZ25 in order to access the failed capacitor. Remove the lid from the unit then strip out the core components inside such as the hard disk (where applicable) and the DVD drive. The failed capacitor is directly below the DVD drive on the circuitboard. This is indicated on the image opposite by the red pencil which is pointing at C1533 (the failed 680uf 6.3v capacitor).

Panasonic EX25/EZ25 Repair Kit

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